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Pocket PC

This BBC article describes a pilot project in Kenya that aims to replace text books with Pocket-PCs or 'e-slates' as they're calling them. They're running a Linux OS - I couldn't find out whether they're using Flash - I'm not sure if the player is available for free use on players like these.

The drawbacks here seem to be with recharging the devices and keeping them from physically breaking. However the whole move towards Pocket PC's seems to be key here. It's a move away from the less sensible idea of issuing each child with a laptop.

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Flash Cards

A quick thanks to Josh Dura for organizing the Designer/Developer Hold'em Tournament. It was my first hold'em tournament and I wasn't expecting the action to move quite so fast. I managed to get up to about 9th place before I lost all my chips in the space of about two hands and finshed out at 41st position. Anyway, thanks Josh and count me in for the sequel!

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Flash 8 Player Beta

The Flash 8 Player public beta is out today. It's a good idea to try your content in this to make sure it still works - if there are problems then you can get that information to Macromedia before it goes on public release and breaks your website.

It's unclear how much new functionality is in this beta but there are some reports of speed improvements. For my part, I'm not seeing many differences for my content apart from a slight tightening up of security for local content and cross domain scripting issues.

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LMS / VLE vendor or user?

I'm just in the process of adding a SCORM 1.2 export feature to Question Writer. In theory, supporting SCORM means that users will be able to export their tests and directly plug them into their VLE or LMS. The tests will then run smoothly and all the scores will be accurately and successfully reported. In practice, a piece of QW content will need to be tested individually on each system to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

I'd like ensure that Question Writer SCORM exports work on as many LMS's and VLE's as possible - if you're selling or maintaining one of these systems, you can help to ensure that QW imports will work for your customers or users with very little effort - please contact me at scormtests@centralquestion.com and we'll get the tests sorted out.

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