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2GB of Automatic, Incremental, Encrypted, Remote, Online Backup

Computer backup used to be something that you needed to do every month, week or even day. Now it's a fire and forget task - something that you can set up once, and forget about. There's really no need to manage a large collection of backup tapes, cds or dvds with automatic backup to a networked hard disk.

But my favourite, as I mentioned last year, is automatic incremental encrypted remote online backup. That's a mouthful but it's very simple. It works like this - a small app sits on your desktop, watching for changes in the files and directories you've chosen to backup - when it notices that the computer is not in use, it sends the changes to the server.

It's remote, which is smarter than storing your backups in the same location as your files. It's encrypted - so no-one can snoop on you data. It's automatic - so it's always up to date. It's incremental - so it doesn't hog too much bandwidth. So here's Mozy - which provides 2GB of backup space. It's free and it takes five minutes to set up. Even if your hard disk doesn't go kaput tomorrow, it'll pay you back in peace of mind before the day is out.

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Free Ebay Sniping Service

Game theory suggests that the optimal way to win Ebay auctions is to 'snipe' - that's placing your maximum bid in the closing seconds of the auction - it minimizes bidding wars and doesn't encourage additional interest in the item you're bidding on. Here's JustSnipe - an ad supported service to place last minute bids when you really can't place that bid at 4.34 am.

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