Inland Server Error

Accounts are the part of business I like the least, but today being April 6th, one day after the end of the tax year, I thought I'd sit down and make an effort to make my returns online.

The Inland Revenue is offering an £825 carrot over the next five years for small business who file their end of year return online. After five years, they'll offer a stick instead. I don't need a carrot or a stick, of course, I'd do it online regardless.

Well I'd try to do it online is what I mean to say. I tried to register this afternoon and the impression I got was their system is under considerable strain. When their servers aren't dishing out code 500 internal server errors right, left and center, the pages are painfully slow to load. I couldn't register in the end after three attempts and one support phone call. I'll try again in the evening when there are likely to be fewer people online. I imagine today is a pretty busy day for the IR servers, but I am still less than impressed that their servers cannot cope.

Posted by Alexander at April 6, 2005 04:00 PM

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