Navigating the Rapids

What do you mean by 'Rapid e-Learning'? It's a phrase that is used more and more - this articles argues for qualification. I agree. Without qualification, I'd understand the term to mean 'content that can be digested quickly'. On it's own, that can be a useless term. Learning speed depends much more on the learner and the quality of the material presented than on whether the material it is delivered electronically or not. Indeed, simply moving material from the page to the screen may actually slow the user down - the preference of most users when reading static material is to read it from the page.

The key to improving the learning speed is in adding interactivity - or 'learning by doing'. E-learning materials can invite the user to try out what he has just learnt and he can get feedback on whether he can really apply that knowledge. Typically, creating these kind of interactions requires a programmer and a lot time will go into development and testing. However, I'm hoping that with the launch of Question Writer, it will become a lot easier to create this kind of interactive learning material - Rapid e-Learning Development that supports Rapid e-Learning material.

Posted by Alexander at May 10, 2005 12:44 PM

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