90% Discount for Beta Testers

Question Writer 2.0 is almost ready. New with 2.0 is the Quiz Edition. Quiz Edition gives access to the powerful Flaunt compiler (think Flex for assessments) with virtually no learning curve. Quiz Edition allows the user to pump out quizzes in minutes, with full feedback and reports that can be e-mailed, printed or sent via SCORM. No technical knowledge required.

Here's a short quiz about Italy, it uses the 'soft focus' theme and has the report and feedback at the end. With two clicks, it can be turned into this, with the 'Perceptions' theme and wtih feedback after each question. Check out the image zooming and try printing out your report. (This quiz took me 12 leisurely minutes to enter into Quiz Edition.)


If you need results back from your quiz, there will be a results to email service available for free. With each quiz, you can specify an e-mail address, and at the end of the quiz, if the user has internet access, it will send the results, via our website, to your e-mail address. No server setup required. This will be available next week.

Quiz Edition will have a price of $420, with academic pricing of $175. However, right now, I really need some volunteers to test it, and to sweeten the deal, volunteer beta testers will get a 90% reduction on the price of a single license, so it'll come in at only $42 or $17.50. To qualify, you'll need to

1) Download Question Writer 2.0 - Quiz Edition Trial Beta.
2) Create a Quiz, with at least 10 questions, with at least one question of each type. The quiz should have a fairly narrow topic, and be credible as a piece of content that someone might want to use Question Writer to create.
3) Report any bugs you encounter on the Question Writer forum.
4) Email your completed quiz source (it may be published as an example on our website)
5) Complete a short survey on your experience.

The length of this offer will depend on the response, it might run for a day or a week or a month, when we've got enough responses, I'll close it, probably without much notice. (Offer is limited to one per school/univesity/company/institution.)

Offer is now CLOSED
Update 12/02/06: This offer ends Friday 17th February.

Posted by Alexander at January 11, 2006 03:29 PM

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I would like to know if the tester is able to print out a certificate (with a passing score)with the info automatically entered on the certificate during log-in.

Posted by: suzayne at January 21, 2006 07:46 AM

Hi Suzayne,

Using the 'Request User Name / ID' option in the quiz details, the user will be prompted to enter his name or ID. (You can also change the prompt in 'Other Labels'.
The user can't change this name once entered and the name will appear on the report. However, only the person taking the test can activate the 'Print' button so you'd need to ask the candidate to print out his report.

You can also activate the 'Send Results via Website to E-mail' - this will automatically send all the user's responses and scores through to your e-mail address, providing the user has internet access while taking the quiz. However this is more risky - if there is anything wrong with the internet connection / server during the quiz, the results might get lost.

Posted by: Alexander McCabe at January 21, 2006 11:24 AM

Is Quiz Writer 2.0 an program to write the quiz or is it the Flash code? In other words, to I need a Flash program for this?

Posted by: Larry at February 3, 2006 06:38 PM

If I pay the $42.00 to beta test, will that a full version of the product?

Posted by: Larry at February 3, 2006 06:41 PM

Users taking the quizes on-line would need a Flash player - correct?

Posted by: Larry at February 3, 2006 06:46 PM

I'm using Windows XP on one of my PCs and Windodws 98 (2nd edition) on the other. Is Quz writer compatible with these OSs?

Also, I understand the requirements for the beta testing, using all question types, ect., but if I was to pay the $42.00 for the Quiz writer (after beta testing it) would this be a full version? Also, I would only want to make my quizes multiple choice, no problem do that, right?

Posted by: Larry at February 3, 2006 06:57 PM

Hi Larry,

Q1. You can use Question Writer 2 - Quiz Edition to write your quizzes and then compile them into Flash. You don't need Flash Studio or anything like that.

Q2. After Beta testing, you'll be entitled to purchase a full license at a 90% discount. You also be able to pre-order straight away if the beta version is working well enough for you.

Q3. Users taking your quizzes will need Flash player 6 installed (FP7 if you're sending results through our servers).

Q4. It will run on Windows XP - it is not tested or supported on Windows 98, but it may work on Win98 SE.

Q5. As a condition of beta testing, you must try out each of the question types. For your own quizzes, you can use any combination of question types you like.

Posted by: Alexander McCabe at February 3, 2006 10:38 PM

thank you

Posted by: reem at February 12, 2006 12:52 PM


I have a suggestion to improve your software.
I am a chemistry teacher. Your quiz edition is very useful to teach my students. They are learning the concepts very easily and it makes study interesting.

But I cannot input chemical formula or equations into your software.
Please make such possibilities in your software and it will make it to study physics and chemistry.


E = 1/2 mv2 Here square is not positioned.


I am very poor to buy your software. I am writing you from small indian village school.
I need your quiz software to teach my poor students.
If you give me any discount price to me, It will be a Easter gift to my students.

If you have any offer please send a letter to my e-mail address.

Thanking you,

with love

Posted by: Peter Paulraj at April 9, 2006 03:20 AM