Quiz Edition Pre-Order Link

Some people are eager to start using Quiz Edition, even though it is still in beta. Here's the link to pre-order. This is to purchase a license to use Quiz Edition with the beta and the full release. Before ordering, it's worth noting that the terms for Quiz Edition are different to Publisher Edition. It comes with bug fixes until the next version, rather than upgrade protection. Also, content published will contain the same Quesiton Writer loader and logo on the report page as in the trial version.

Academic users can use the discount code 'ACADEME' to purchase an academic license - generally accredited education institutions, staff, faculty, students, educational administrative offices, public libraries, public museums are eligible. If there is any confusion - we'll apply the same eligibilty rules as Microsoft. The academic institution name will appear on the license and on reports. Quiz Edition is also available to non-profit organizations free of cost.

Posted by Alexander at January 21, 2006 11:42 AM

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