PSP Buttons Map to 'Escape' Key (27)

While doing some PSP tests for Chris O'Shea - I found some unexpected keyboard mappings - pressing the Start button maps to '27' as does the square button in combination with Up/Down. Personally, I think mapping the start button to the 'Enter' key would have been more use - but checking for a combination of the start key with a direction key gives an additional 4 commands to send to the unit.

On a related note - there's no way to press the 'TAB' key that I've found, but the yellow rectangle can be made to appear by using a 'SetFocus' command if a direction key is pressed when nothing has focus. Using the Start Square button to trigger a mousepress on the focussed unit could allow for full keypad tab navigation for Flash Lite 2 style apps.

Here's a list of the full results from the tests

Mouse position - yes
Starts at 0,0 regardless of where the mouse is located. When the mouse is moved, it picks up the correct location. Top left is measured at (0,0), bottom right is measured as (478.95,271)

Hide mouse - no
The mouse pointer is clearly visible

Move arrow keys - yes

These move the black box around fine. These work for games, but the situation with arrow keys is more complicated for tab-style navigation a la Flash Lite 2/Mobile phones

Keycodes - interesting

The arrow keys are mapped
left - 37
up - 38
right - 39
down -40

cirle is mapped to 27 (but tries to close the browser)
square + left/right/down/up - mapped to 27
Start is mapped to 27

27 is the same as the PC 'Escape' key

Update: I wasn't able to repeat my initial finding with the Start button so I'm striking some of the text.

Posted by Alexander at April 28, 2006 05:44 PM

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