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Subscripts and superscripts are often ignored in Flash applications because the player can't display them dynamically. That can be a real drawback for mathematicians and scientists. However, an effective technique in Flash is to provide additional fonts in the same face, at a smaller size, vertically offset, so that they effectively become superscript/subscript versions. This is the technique I've used in Question Writer to process subscript and superscript tags in the html tags.

Here's an example number theory test and .qwz source - it uses a many of the HTML features. Unfortunatly it doesn't score the questions correctly because I don't know the answers ! If you do know any of the answers, please feel free to put them in the comments below! No need - it has all the answers and feedback now.

Posted by Alexander at April 11, 2006 11:33 AM

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I want to share with you the way I get may subscript and superscript inin dynamic and input text field in Flash:
& tags are not supported by Flash :( but you can
use Subscript & Superscript in dynamic and input text field in Flash:

Download & install Subscript & Superscript fonts from or
You will need to restart Flash software after installed fonts.
Create a dynamic text field with Arial font embeded. Set the HTML property to true.
Create a dynamic text field with Subscript font embeded.
Create a dynamic text field with Superscript font embeded.
Use HTML tag to set text to subscript or superscript like below:
Some text©
If you are using ActionScript to test the htmlText, use script like below:
my_txt.htmlText = "Some textTM";
Data can come from a XML file, TEXT file or from flash itself.

They are better than CG since it goes lower than the baseline and it's real subscript..

Posted by: savil at May 11, 2008 09:29 PM