MGM Grand Survey

I’ve been visiting Las Vegas this week – I’m supposed to be on holiday, or vacation as it’s known here, but I taking all the surveys that they’re putting in front of me out of curiousity. Las Vegas has got everything down to a fine art, everything is tuned just so to guide behaviour. With all that research into human psychology, you’d think they’d have the best surveys in the world. Yeah right.


First up is the MGM Grand’s survey. It’s accessed using the remote control from the hotel room in the same way as pay-per-view.


It’s got 16 likert style and true/false questions, and accepts remote control keys 1 thru 5 as answers. Very boring - I got to Question 3 or 4 before I gave up. In a city with so much entertainment, I can’t see anyone giving this much time when it gives so little back.


One positive thing about it is it knows you might get bored and isn’t afraid to admit it, so it offers an option to exit early without losing all the results or having to fake results until the end. That’s smart because the most general and important questions are at the start and the answers that do get submitted will be genuinea and not the result of a boredom induced click frenzy.

Difficult to say what the technology might be – looks like it is a browser in the background firing up a full page view so it could be Flash. The rest of the interface doesn’t like it has much power so maybe Flash 5 or it might even be HTML.

Posted by Alexander at August 30, 2005 11:52 PM

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