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The feedback that we're getting from the marketplace is that Question Writer has been priced too high ($6795 for the Publisher Edition). The other thing that's clear is that there is no market for a product that publishes content with our brand on it (that's the Author edition, $1795).

So the Author Edition is being withdrawn and the Publisher Edition will now be sold at the lower price - $1795. I had viewed Question Writer as quite a niche product - there's a limited number of potential users, but users for whom the software is almost custom made. But interest has been broader than expected and it seems like we'll be better off pitching a lower priced product to a wider market.

Posted by Alexander at October 5, 2005 02:56 PM

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I was turned on to your product by Jason of FlashVacuum (co-founder with me) and agree that the price point is somewhat high for the eLearning community.

I work with Nerwmarket International creating SCORM compliant training for the international hospitality industry. In the past, we concentrated on training for only our applications. However, we exploded into custom work with a project that is now deployed to over 1,000 Starwood properties and have custom work in the final stages for the Shangri La properties in China (this material is internationalized).

All in all, this coming year will see us create training materials for 1,000's of properties. Thus we were looking for a tool that may allow for us to create testing faster or for our end users to customize and add their own questions.

Currently, three ActionScripters (including yours truly) create all of our testing material.

The lower price seems more attractive and certainly without any branding, more likely to sell.

Good luck!

Posted by: David Miller at November 12, 2005 04:11 PM

Hi David,

Thanks for the feedback. Let me know how your evaluation goes or if there's anything I can help you with,

Posted by: Alexander McCabe at November 18, 2005 02:14 AM