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Our software is built from the ground up with accessibility as a goal, not as an afterthought. Features include screen-reader support, keyboard control, screen magnification and a color chooser. These combine to make your assessment accessible to a wide a range of people. Whether you have a requirement to comply with existing accessibilty legislation or will want to in the future, you can address it now with accessible software.

You can view our accessibility walkthrough and assessment here (Link opens in a full-screen window).

All of our assessments have these accessibility features built in.

  • Keyboard Control

Not all users can use a mouse effectively. All elements in your assessment can be controlled with the keyboard. Use the 'TAB' key to cycle through the elements and use the 'Enter' key to make a selection.

  • Screen-Reader compatibility.

All text is made available to screen-reader software so that it may be read aloud, and all graphics and buttons have alternative text. Window Eyes and JAWS running on Internet Explorer 5.5+ are supported.

  • Screen Magnification

The screen can be magnified by the user at any time. Press the 'SHIFT' and '+' keys simultaneously to zoom in and 'SHIFT' and '-' keys to zoom out. While zoomed in, you can pan about the screen using the keys, 'Q', 'A','Z' and 'X'. 

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