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IMS LogoYour questions might be in a proprietary format or stored in an ad-hoc manner. That's fine if you've made a one-off quiz and you're not expecting to re-use the questions, change the delivery environment or do any re-branding. However, if you want to convert that data into a managable, transferable asset, you'll be glad to know we'll convert it to QTI XML.

QTI - Question and Test Interoperability XML is the industry standard for describing questions and tests. Storing your tests in QTI XML guarantees the future compatibility of your data with assessment software. The QTI specification is published by the IMS Global Learning Consortium and includes technology companies like Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Oracle and Sun as contributing members. It is not just technology companies that contribute, major e-learning companies like Blackboard and WebCT are also there.

QTI XML also defines how the assessment is to be marked (for client-side marking), what feedback is provided to the user and the XML format for sending the user's response back to the server (for server-side marking). All of these considerations mean that your data is well organized thus ensuring maximum re-usability.

Once your data in is QTI format, we'll convert it into Flash software.


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