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Macromedia Flash Enable LogoYour QTI data will be converted into Flash for your users. Your users will be able to use your Flash assessment because Flash is the most used vector format on the web, compatible with a wide range of platforms and browsers. Flash allows your test to include highly compressed vector graphics, text and interactive elements. Flash also protects your QTI XML source as it doesn't need to be distributed and can't be extracted from your Flash assessment.

Flash has a large number of features and benefits for you.

  • Flash is a streaming technology

The first question will be displayed as soon as the first part of the movie is loaded. That means your users can start the test with minimum time spent waiting.

  • Flash is vector based.

You can resize your test to any dimensions without any loss of quality. You can offer a range of sizes for your users to choose from, or you can maximise your test to use the user's full screen.

  • Your test can be shown in many formats.

You could display your test as a banner ad quiz, embedded as a web page survey, as a stand-alone application or as a pop up full screen assessment.

  • You can distribute your test in many ways.

Flash is suitable for internet or CDROM based distribution and runs on Windows, Macintosh and Linux based operating systems. It is also suitable for distribution as a SCORM package for Virtual Learning Environments.

  • Time Limited

Your test can time limit the candidate at a question level, section level or at overall assessment level.

  • Marking / Scoring

Your program can calculate and return the user's score, or can return the users responses as XML, complete with time taken for each question, for your offline marking.

  • Fonts are embedded

Your program can include embedded fonts and unicode characters - even if the user doesn't have the font or character set that you want to use, it will appear in the test.

  • Consistency

Your test will look the same on many different platforms including Windows, Macintosh and Linux. It will display identically on any platform that supports Flash MX.

  • Small File Size

Your test will be highly compressed and will only be approximately 5K larger than the assets (images, fonts, sounds, movies, text, buttons) you wish to include.

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